Abhidhamma, Paramartha Dharma

The purpose of this site is to introduce an excellent series of Abhidhamma lessons by Hon. Ajantha Sampath, a gifted and talented teacher of Kaluthara, Sri Lanka who teaches (in Sinhala) in a way that one can easily understand, remember and use the knowledge in daily life.

The Abhidhamma Pitaka offers an extraordinarily detailed analysis of the basic natural principles that govern mental and physical processes as well as a theoretical framework to explain the foundation of the path to liberation.  However, this part of the Pitaka is known for being dense and difficult to read and understand. But our teacher Ajantha Sampath presents the essence of Abhidhamma in a very elegant way. He uses charts and visuals very effectively to convey deep dhamma concepts to the student. If one follows his classes in an orderly way, that alone can provide a tremendous support to understand dhamma in sutta pitaka as well as to the practice in daily life.  This series is not a long list of definitions of big words and it actually teaches you how the nature works which is of practical use.

This site provides the links to the YouTube lecture series by Ajantha Sampath to help those who seek to learn Abhidharma (Paramartha Dharma) in Sinhala in a painless way.  These YouTube videos are recordings of the live class conducted at Kaluthara Bodhiya on Sundays during 2014. Those who reside in Sri Lanka can attend a new weekly lecture series (starting in Jan. 2015). All classes are offered free as Dharma daana.  Also, several of his students including Ven. Thiththagalle Anandasiri Thero conduct Abhidhamma discussions in various temples and other places in Sri Lanka.

Following are the links to this lecture series called “Paramartha Lokaya” on YouTube and the handouts consisting of the teacher’s notes and charts: 

ඉතාමත් සරලව අභිධර්මය උගන්වන වටිනා දේශනා මාලාවක් (ගුරුතුමා අජන්ත සම්පත්, අතිපූජ්ය රේරුකානේ චන්දවිමල නා හිමිගේ පොත් ඇසුරින්).

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The two most used  charts are shown below (Chitta Weethi, Chitta-Chithasika-Bhavnaga)” Visit the “Resources” page to download the Abhidharma books by Ven. Rerukane Chandawimala Nahimi for reference.

චිත්ත වීථියක් හා සිත් වල නම්

016 Tute (chittha veethi)

  චිත්ත නාම හා ඒවායේ යෙදෙන චෛතසික (පුද්ගල හා භූමි අනුව)
Sith & Chithasika with Bhawanga less med(original)

DVD-1 Shown below is a summary of the first few lessons. Rest of the videos are recordings of the weekly class.

මෙය පලමු දෙශනා කිහිපයෙ සාරන්ශයයි (DVD-1).

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